Using computer software to learn a new language is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to learn new tongues.  There are so many advantages – there are different games to play, ways to track your progress, and you can even take the lessons with you on the go with your phone.  Overall it’s a huge step up from lugging around a huge textbook, especially if you’re learning at home by yourself and you’re not in a class.

There are a few different language learning software programs out there that we recommend.

One of the best and cheapest is the Rocket Languages series, which is an well priced and well-reviewed language learning software program.  They only have basic languages and not more obscure ones, but the ones they do have are very good.  I used the Rocket Languages series myself and found it to be very easy to use and intuitive.

Another great program is the Rosetta Stone series, but the “learn by immersion” system is a bit flawed for adults – we find that adults learn much better in a more traditional way as they aren’t quite at that infancy stage where you can just absorb everything that comes your way.  Adult brains are wired differently and thus learn a bit differently.

If you’re going to use these software tools on your computer, then you’ll want to ensure that it’s running well.  Using  a few tools can help you to improve the overall performance of your computer so that it’s running faster and more reliably.  I suggest that you look into getting yourself a good cleanup tool such as RegCure Pro or another similar cleanup utility.  This blog has some great tips on various software tools that you can use in order to make your computer run like the day you bought it, making your language learning process a breeze.