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Blogging For Fun And Profit

Have you ever thought about starting a blog to earn some extra money?  The opportunities are endless, and now that there is so much ecommerce on the internet the monetization opportunities for blogs have increased tenfold.  Back when I first started blogging there wasn’t much besides books on Amazon.  That has all changed.  You can […]

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Diversity Of Language Is Beneficial

It has been shown in many studies that diversity in language is quite beneficial.  Whether people are bilingual or they are simply interacting with people who speak different languages, there are multiple positive benefits. However, this does not come without challenges.  An excerpt from an article discusses how employers could find challenges when they attempt […]

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Using Technology To Aid In A Greener Planet

On the African continent technology is becoming more and more commonplace.  The importance of preserving the region’s natural resources as well as the incredible diversity of the nature in the Sahara and other national parks is becoming important to the people as a source of pride as well as tourism. Technology is a double edged […]

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Language Learning On Computers

Using computer software to learn a new language is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to learn new tongues.  There are so many advantages – there are different games to play, ways to track your progress, and you can even take the lessons with you on the go with your phone.  Overall it’s […]

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Traditional Language And Literature

I came across a very good article recently that has to do with the nature of the African languages and the bastardization of the cultures due to cultural genocide.  How does literary colonization affect a culture?  Very much it would seem – written works can become the lifeblood of a culture over time.   Akinwumi […]

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