Blogging For Fun And Profit

Have you ever thought about starting a blog to earn some extra money?  The opportunities are endless, and now that there is so much ecommerce on the internet the monetization opportunities for blogs have increased tenfold.  Back when I first started blogging there wasn’t much besides books on Amazon.  That has all changed.  You can now earn quite a bit of money by promoting cool products on Amazon, and it extends to almost ANY niche you can think of.  So you like underwater basketweaving?  You can blog about it and I’m sure you can advertise cool Amazon products in the meantime.

When I first started blogging I started a website all about surfing.  It was my favorite pastime (it still is) and it was very easy to write content for the blog because I just loved it.  It was interesting and fun.  Surfing is NOT the most lucrative niche on the internet, but choosing surfing allowed me to get started and learn the ropes.  I now have blogs in other niches as well, and the combined total helps me make a healthy income.

It’s all about staying focused.  Many people start blogs then leave them abandoned in a few days or weeks.  This should not be you!  If you can make goals you’ll have a much better time reaching them.  In fact, set up a calendar or time tracker to do just that.  That way you’ll keep yourself accountable, and get stuff done.

The best thing about blogging is that it’s so flexible.  So how do you begin?

The first step is to learn how to start a blog.  It really isn’t that hard but if you’ve never done it before then you might be a little confused.  Check out this article over at Surfing Handbook that I wrote all about how to start a blog quickly and easily.

I have a lot of fun choosing themes and setting up the  site, but you should know that you don’t have to make it all fancy to start out with.  Just get writing, and add themes and other elements along the way.  The Surfing Handbook has been through many iterations already, and has improved throughout the years.

The best thing about blogging is that you can do it on your own time. Whether you just want a side income or you want to quit your job, you can start out doing it whenever and wherever you want.  Want to check out the cool new coffeehouse down the street and also get some work done?  That’s the beauty of blogging and working from home.  Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused, but like I wrote above, time tracking software is essential to keeping yourself on task towards your goals.

So that’s it!  Starting a blog can be fun, easy, and get you on your way to financial freedom quickly.  When I first started it didn’t take me long to start going on surf trips financed by my blogs!  This could be you with a little determination and hard work.

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