Using Technology To Aid In A Greener Planet

On the African continent technology is becoming more and more commonplace.  The importance of preserving the region’s natural resources as well as the incredible diversity of the nature in the Sahara and other national parks is becoming important to the people as a source of pride as well as tourism.

Technology is a double edged sword – with it we have managed to carve out quite a dent in our planet’s health. Auto emissions, power plant pollution, and overall urban sprawl has had a negative effect on our planet’s health. However, things are swinging the other way. We are now starting to use technology to save energy in countless ways, helping to undo some of the damage that we have already done. However, people have often not even heard of some of the more recent advances in green technology. Here are a few of our editor’s favorites:

Home Network Connectivity

One of the coolest thing that has cropped up recently in the home tech industry are thermostats that “learn” your behavior and adapt to your habits. When you start manually turning the heat up and down, it will gradually learn your energy use habits and adjust accordingly. It will even learn that you go to church on Sunday, and stay late for happy hour on Fridays. And best of all, these thermostats are connected to your home network, and you can use a smartphone to manually adjust them if you’re going to be away for an evening or two and you forget to turn the heat or air conditioning off. It’s quite cool (no pun intended) and you can save a lot by just these small things adding up over time.

Lighting system and home alarms are also connected to these networks as well, and you can see if you turned the lights off or even if you locked the doors just by looking at your smartphone. But the best thing is that you can leave your lights off during the day, and hit a button on your smartphone to turn them on in the evening so you never have to come home to a dark house.

If connecting a new thing to your home network seems to make you shy away because your computer system is slow or not performing very well, you can clean it up using a few easy to use software tools.

Electric Cars

Electric cars are becoming a reality these days. Although some of the more luxury brand such as Tesla are too expensive for the average person, it’s very exciting to see that the technology is now arriving. These cars have very low emissions, and hybrid cars are very light on gas usage which makes them a much greener alternative to the gas guzzlers that were popular 10-15 years ago. I personally drive quite a bit, and my next car is going to be a hybrid because I can’t stand filling up my tank anymore.

Along with these new vehicles are more advanced navigation systems. You can see the traffic on your phone map and choose an alternate route, saving on gas and emissions.


It can pay off to stay on top of green technology trends as it can save you a lot of money while at the same time saving the planet from excess energy waste. There are a lot more opportunities than we can provide here in this article, and new ones are being invented on a daily basis. Reading popular publications such as the New York Times, Wired, and Popular Mechanics is a great way to stay on top of the latest in emerging green technologies.

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